Slides of presented talks

You can download the talks from the links below, sorted alphabetically by author.

  • Abramo
    Multi-tracer surveys of large-scale structure
  • Almeida
    Weyl geometry and scalar-tensor theories
  • Altamirano
    Penrose Inequality with angular momentum
  • André
    Collisionless self-gravitating systems in f (R)-gravity within Palatini approach and relativistic Boltzmann equation in the Newtonian approach
  • Boero
    Averages associated to the energy momentum tensor of new geometries describing dark matter
  • Casals
    Scalar Self-force in Schwarzschild Space-time
  • del Palacio
    Interactions of relativistic particles in stellar winds
  • Domingues Zarro
    Horava-Lifshitz Quantum Cosmology
  • Fabris
    Brans-Dicke-Rastall Theory
  • Falciano
    Validity Conditions for Linear Cosmological Perturbations
  • Gentile
    On the linear stability of the extreme Kerr black hole under axially symmetric perturbations
  • Guzmán Monsalve
    Hamiltonian formulation of modified teleparallel theories of gravity
  • Kandus
    Primordial Magnetic Helicity
  • Lehner
    Turbulence in black holes and back again
  • León
    The primordial bispectrum and the collapse of the wave function
  • Moreschi
    New geometries for the characterization of dark matter phenomena
  • Penacchioni
    Multiwavelength study of Gamma-Ray Bursts emission
  • Pereira
    The co-evolution of cosmic star formation rate and the active supermassive black holes
  • Quartin
    Measuring sigma_8 with Weak Lensing of Supernovae
  • Ramos
    Radiation Production and Stochastic Effects during Inflation
  • Reula
    On Ricci flow simulations [.pdf] [.key]
  • Reynoso
    A two-zone model for the production of prompt neutrinos in gamma-ray bursts
  • Rodríguez
    Equivalence between anisotropic expansion and statistical anisotropy
  • Rubio
    Charge-size inequality in General Relativity
  • Sendra
    Regular phantom black holes as gravitational lenses
  • Shapiro
    Gravitational Waves and New Perspectives for Quantum Gravity
  • Spinoglio
    Galaxy evolution studies from space and ground based large IR/sub-mm surveys
  • Vila
    Proton loading of jets
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Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of GRACo 2 will be published electronically through the open access Workshop Series of the Asociación Argentina de Astronomía. All articles will be peer-reviewed.

The deadline for submission of contributions is July 31st 2014.

Please use these templates to prepare your manuscript. Articles must be written in English, and are limited to 10 pages for invited talks, 6 pages for contributed talks, and 4 pages for posters.

Manuscripts must be first sent as a single PDF file to This PDF file must be named after the surname of the first author, for example "Price.pdf" for a paper whose first author is Vincent Price. Once the paper has been accepted for publication, authors will be requested to submit the LaTeX source file, the compiled PDF file, and the figures in EPS format, all compressed in a unique tar or zip file, to Please use the same naming convention as before: Price.tex / Price.pdf for the LaTeX source and compiled PDF, respectively, and Price_f1.eps, Price_f2.eps, etc., for the figures.

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Talks and posters

You can register and submit your abstract filling out these forms.

Talks and posters may be presented in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. In the case of talks, however, we kindly ask the speakers to prepare their slides in English.

Contributed talks will be given 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions. The maximum size of posters is 1.00 m (width) by 1.20 m (height).

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